Coaching Services

Package 1: Ultimate Wellness

  • For someone who is done with quick fixes and wants to make changes that last

  • This package will give you the support and guidance you need to make lasting change in your life with 10 sessions (first 3 sessions 60 minutes; follow-up sessions 30 minutes)

  • We will create your unique wellness vision and see it through for 3 months

Package 2: Getting Off the Fence

  • For someone who is fed up with sitting on the fence and wants to commit to a wellness path

  • This package comprises 5 sessions (first 2 sessions 60 minutes; 3 follow-up sessions 30 minutes)

  • It is perfect for someone interested in making a change and wanting to test out the coaching waters first

  • It could also be for someone who knows what to do, but needs someone to check in with them every few weeks

Package 3:  Ideal You, Action Plan

  • For someone who wants a one-time 60 minute session to kick off their healthy lifestyle and address one specific issue

  • We’ll complete a wellness plan and create action steps for you to start meeting your goals right away